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A set of UNIX and Linux tutorials, manuals and reference guides

Website And Domain For Sale

This website is for sale. I am the owner of the website, including the domain unix-manuals.com, and all the content including text (most of which I wrote), graphics, and the forum. I started this website in the late 1990s, and it's been running ever since. I no longer have the time to maintain it.

I will consider any offers over the next month or so. I am a trustworthy seller, but I realise this is an area fraught with people less reputable than myself.

As such, I'm going to require the money to be actually in my bank account before I will initiate the transfer. I will be prepared to provide a signed and witnessed written statement agreeing to the sale before that point, though. I am based in the UK, and the payment will need to be made in Sterling to my UK based bank account.

If interested, please email me at tom [at] alvervalleysoftware [dot] com. Put "Unix Manuals" in the subject line. I will reply to all offers, and will select a buyer in a few weeks.

This web site is a set of resources designed as an introduction and reference to the UNIX and Linux operating systems. It includes basic tutorials on various aspects of UNIX and Linux, as well as reference guides covering some of the common tools and utilities, such as the vi and emacs editors, regular expressions, sed and awk, etc.

The forum can be found at http://www.unix-manuals.com/forum/index.php


Unix Tutorial

We are developing a UNIX tutorial, aimed at absolute beginners to the UNIX operating system.

Quick Tips

Improve your UNIX skills in 5 minutes! This section contains a range of quick tips, designed to get the UNIX beginner up to speed with some useful tricks in no time. We make a simple claim about the tips - each one will take no more than 30 seconds to read, but may improve your productivity forever!

vi Tutorial

Our vi tutorial is also aimed at absolute beginners, and is divided into manageable 10 minute segments.

X Programming

The first of our guest articles, kindly contributed by Manu Anand. This article is an introduction to programming the X library in C.

Reference materials

We are currently in the process of selecting and publishing a set of the standard UNIX man pages, as it is our experience that these are often missing from systems when they are needed.

vi reference

There's no getting away from it - 'vi' commands don't exactly stick in the mind. If you can't remember how to do a multiple search and replace, or insert one file into another, you're certainly not alone. Bookmark our 'vi Reference' and refer to it when you need to.

We are very pleased to host the 'vi editor FAQ' (Frequently Asked Questions), with the kind permission of its author, E. Larry Lidz.

Regular Expressions

There's no way we're going to teach you regular expressions from scratch, although we do recommend an excellent book which will. However, you should find this regular expressions reference useful as a reminder of basic regular expression meta-characters and syntax.


A complete and accurate reference guide to one of the World's favourite editors.


A reference to the most used and most difficult-to-remember awk functions.

When you're playing with regular expressions, awk, sed and the like, it's only a matter of time until you need an ASCII Table, and there's never one handy when you need it. Here's our no-nonsense ASCII Table - bookmark it now.